Don’t let the sights distract you too much from Rome’s greatest treasure: its food and wine. Your guide to the best restaurants in Rome, including vegan culinary experiences.

Some of the best restaurants in Rome focus on regional cuisines, both local and further afield. You could take a culinary trip to Sardinia with elegant fish dishes at Capo Boi, or enjoy Roman classics like spaghetti alla gricia at Armando al Pantheon, a local dining institution for over 50 years. Follow your server’s advice for wine pairings, and seek out Italian varietals: you’ll find offerings from boutique wineries and family vineyards nearly impossible to find at home.

Pizza in Rome

If you’re a pizza fanatic, the first thing you did after booking your plane ticket to Fiumicino Airport was probably Googling “Pizza in Rome”. You could spend a month looking for the best Rome pizza and not exhaust the possibilities.

The truth? There is no “best” Rome pizza, only many worthy contenders for that title. You’ll find a multitude of styles, from the traditional Roman thin and crispy crust to the Sicilian sfincione – a rustic style with a thicker crust traditionally cut in squares. For a tasty lunch on the go, try sfincione, also called pizza rustica from a takeaway pizzeria: look for a sign that says pizza al taglio, or ‘by the slice’.

Put together your own Rome pizza strategy by looking out for lunchtime queues at by-the-slice shops, taking recommendations from locals and taxi drivers about their favourite spots, and trying out several regional styles. Don’t miss tasting an authentic Pizza Margarita, a classic Neapolitan-style pie. For pizzas worth queuing for, head to Li Rioni, Pizzarium, Da Remo or Sforno.

Vegan and Vegetarian in Rome

The phrase “Vegan Rome” sounds like an oxymoron in a city where delicacies like bucatini all’amatriciana and cacio e pepe are traditional dishes. But the number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Rome is growing, and Roman cuisine has expanded to cater for diners who eschew animal products in favour of fresh fruits, vegetables and grains.

La Confraternita dell’uva is not a vegan-only restaurant, but its weekly vegan night offers some of the best vegan cooking Rome has to offer, with new takes on Sicilian classics like rice croquettes with peas and saffron.

Out of the tourist centre, in the historic neighbourhood of Garbatella, Le Bistrot has been serving vegan dishes in a cozy and elegant space for nearly 30 years. Along with pumpkin tortellini and red turnip and truffle risotto, expect vegan versions of Roman classics. Dessert lovers will appreciate the dairy-free cakes, sorbets and ice creams.

With two locations in Rome, Zazie is a perfect spot for a healthy pick-me-up, from lovingly prepared fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies to salads and veggie couscous dishes. Eat in, or take your smoothie to go.

If you’re craving gelato but don’t want the dairy, Tempesta Di Gusti stands out, offering delicious vegan ice cream in vibrant flavours—along with vegan cones, of course.

Feeling peckish? Start planning your culinary adventure in Rome!

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