An lively metropolis with a urban flair

Beautiful canals, fine dining, exceptional museums – and irrepressibly quirky. Get on your bike and start planning where to go in Amsterdam.

It’s the aura of harmonious, carefree living that makes Amsterdam feel so special. Since the early 1300s, Amsterdam has blossomed into a teeming hub of art and culture, rich historic hotspots and striking scenery that revolves around its canals and waterways.

With its liberal character, Amsterdam’s iconic triple-X logo might give some the idea there are only naughty things to do in Amsterdam (that’s actually a row of three St Andrew’s crosses, a feature from the city’s coat of arms) – but there’s much more than smoky cafes and red-lighted alleys, with superb bars, restaurants, markets and over 50 exceptional museums, among the finest in the world. Here’s your guide on what to see in Amsterdam.

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Getting around in Amsterdam

Getting around the city is simple and part of the fun. You’ll discover some of the best things to see in Amsterdam from the seat of a bicycle, perhaps the city’s most popular vehicle. Most roads are bike-friendly, and there are lots of rental shops catering to visitors, like MacBike.

Taking ferries and trams should be on your list of top things to do in Amsterdam for a local’s view of the city. It’s worth buying an I Amsterdam City Card for use on all public transportation, valid for 24, 48, 72 and 96 hours. The card also gives you free entry to 40 top attractions in Amsterdam.

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